Black Lake

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U-Cut Christmas trees 

Price Range:

Dougs & Grands: $60 up to 7 feet *

Norways, Nobles and Frasier's: $72 up to 7 feet *

*Plus $10/ft over 7 feet

Some "Let's make a deal trees" available! 


Beautiful wreaths and Swags starting at $25


The Noble firs are known for their strong branches which do well holding heavier ornaments and are very popular because of how long they last. They come in a variety of colors. 
Some are bushy, others are very open with long beautiful limbs. 

Precuts available

Sizes Available: 4 to 15 feet and some even bigger! 

Prices starting at $72 


The Norway Spruce is our most popular tree among cat owners. Cats tend to shy away from playing with its spikier needles. This tree also has stronger branches for holding ornaments and last well when watered. 

Sizes Available: 4 to 7 feet. 

Prices starting at $72


The grand fir is easily distinguished from other firs by its fragrant Christmas scent. These trees typically have two tone needles with a luscious green color on top and a lighter color underneath. Branches can be more spread out and leave plenty of room for lights and ornaments. 

Sizes Available: 5 to 10 feet and bigger
Prices starting at $60 


Douglas firms (also known as Dougs) are our bushiest trees and known for their pyramid-like shape and long-lasting needles. These do well with lights and light weight ornaments. 

Sizes Available: 5 to 15 feet and larger.

Prices starting at $60